About Us

Healthy To Go began creating products exclusively for doctors and health practitioners. With the demand for our products in retail markets, Healthy To Go® soon expanded to stores nationwide with the one of the first stick pack line of products. Our convenient stick packs allow our consumers to enjoy our great tasting products anywhere, anytime.

We started with our delicious vegetable and fruit powder, Go Greens®, and expanded our product line to include not only stick packets, but multivitamins, capsules, smoothies and probiotics.

Originally founded in Southern California, and now based in Connecticut, the Healthy To Go® is constantly creating new and innovative products. Our small team is passionate about the health industry, are up to date with the newest supplement trends and always listen to feedback and the needs of our customers.


The Healthy To Go® line of drink mixes are a convenient, nutritional supplement solution for those of us that just can’t seem to consume all the good stuff that we know we should, every day!

We use only the best ingredients that are free of artificial flavors or sweeteners. Our products are certified NON-GMO and are made with organic ingredients and packaged with green manufacturing whenever possible.

The Healthy To Go® line is high in plant based phytonutrients that offer extra antioxidant activity in addition to fruits and vegetables. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our products with the newest herbs and natural ingredients.

With the philosophy “healthy nutrition supports a healthy body”, Healthy To Go is committed to creating high quality, great tasting and easy to use products for those of us striving to remain healthy in this fast-paced life.

Real ingredients, convenient, tasty, and ÜBER Healthy!