About Us

All-natural, convenient, tasty, and ÜBER Healthy!

To Go Brands, Inc. is committed to creating high quality, all-natural, great tasting and easy to use products for those of us striving to remain healthy in this fast-paced life we lead! We know from our own lives that it is not always possible to consume the daily recommended amount of plant nutrients from green foods and fruits & veggies. So, we developed our Healthy To Go® line of antioxidant-rich drink mixes as a convenient, nutritional supplement solution for those of us that just can’t seem to consume all the good stuff that we know we should, every day!

Our Healthy To Go® line is packaged in “anytime, anywhere” packets, designed to pour directly into your water bottle. Operating under the philosophy, healthy nutrition supports a healthy body, our Healthy To Go® product line includes:

-          Go Greens®~ Super Fruits and Veggies

-          Acai Natural Energy Boost™

-          Green Energy Tea Fusion®

-          Extreme Berries To Go®

-          Omega To Go®

-          VitaRocks®

-          Trim Energy®

-          Healthy Belly®

-          Smoothie Complete™

We’re sure you’ll find a favorite!