Calorie Burning Outside Activities

What better way is there to enjoy summertime than being outdoors? Nature offers so much more than just a beautiful landscape. One of our favorite things about summer is participating in outdoor activities, especially ones that torch calories. Hiking isn’t the only outdoor exercise these days. Here are five fun, and even adventurous, calorie burning outside activities to get you and your family moving!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding If you have seen someone in the ocean or lake standing on a paddle board and thought “I could never do that”, don’t give up so quickly. Stand up paddle boarding, commonly known as SUP, is actually a low impact sport, meaning you are very unlikely to damage your joints. SUP will force you use every muscle in your body to keep you balanced and standing upright. If you are in the ocean, the waves will make your body work even harder to stand upright. SUP=six pack. Average calories burned per hour: 500-700

Hit the Shores A stroll on the beach is more than romantic- it’s a great calorie burner! Walking in the sand and even jumping in the waves adds resistance to your walk, which helps your body to burn more calories. Instead of walking on the boardwalk or on the sidewalk, hit the shores to shape up. Average calories burned per hour: 300

Climb a Rock or Two Rock climbing is not only fun and adventurous, but an excellent arm, chest and shoulder workout. Rock climbing helps you increase muscle mass and tone your body since you are really working out with your own body weight. Scared of heights? Even better! Studies have shown adrenaline rushes can help burn calories. Do you research and find a local rock climbing school with gear rentals and experienced staff. Average calories burned per hour: 550

Get your Game on Grab a friend and head to the court! Playing beach volleyball is a great way to enjoy the outdoors for free. During a match, you are constantly moving and working out your arms and legs while raising your heart rate. Beach volleyball can help increase stamina and even increase bone strength over time. Playing beach volleyball is similar to interval training since there is little downtime between plays. Average calories burned per hour: 300-450

Cannon Ball Enjoy the nautical sites and burn some calories too! Just hop into the ocean and grab a mask and snorkel. Snorkeling is a whole body workout since you are using all your muscles to swim against the water’s natural current. Add some finds for an extra leg workout. Snorkeling is also a low impact exercise like SUP. Snorkeling not only gets your heart pumping, but also is good for your mental health. Focusing on controlling your breathing when snorkeling is similar to meditative breathing techniques used for relaxation. Average calories burned per hour: 300-400


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by Madison