Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss

Remember the story Jack and the Beanstock? Well there is another magic bean in town- the green coffee bean.

Why is this bean “magic”?

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The magic compound of this bean is Chlorogenic Acid, not caffeine. Chlorogenic Acid inhibits the release of glucose in the body and boosts metabolism. According to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, this combination helps burn fat in the liver and inhibits the absorption of fat to eliminate weight gain.

What’s the difference between green coffee bean and roasted coffee?

When green coffee beans are roasted, Chlorogenic Acid is removed, creating a green coffee bean extract. Roasted coffee contains over 100 mg while green coffee bean has around 20 mg of caffeine per serving. Another difference is green coffee bean does not make you jittery or raise your heart rate like coffee can.

Can you prove it?

A study in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal put green coffee bean to the test during a 12 week study. During the study, 16 adults used a green coffee bean extract supplement without making any drastic changes to their diet or exercise regimens. After 12 weeks, participates lost an average of 17 pounds, or 16% of their overall body fat with no side effects.

Where can I get it?

Trim Energy® was one of the first products to contain Svetol®’s patented green coffee bean extract. Svetol® is the only green coffee extract with proven weight loss efficacy in several published clinical studies. The Trim Energy® line also includes  Trim Energy® Green Coffee Bean Veggie Caps with Svetol® (with 800 mg green coffee bean daily).

You can buy the original Trim Energy® with a Triple Action Edge™   of 400 mg of Green Coffee Bean daily, EGCG from green tea and stress-less herb ashwagandha at


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