Green Tea Energy Fusion 24ct Box


Green Tea Energy Fusion® is a blend of energizing herbs and extracts from around the globe formulated to support a healthy metabolism and to give you the fuel needed to energize your body & refresh your senses.

The combination of Organic Japanese Green Tea and South American Yerba Maté provide plant nutrients that are believed to increase the breakdown of sugars and fats in the body into energy.**

SKU: 00116

Organic Japanese Green Tea – The health promoting benefits of green tea have been known for centuries in Asia. Numerous scientific claims have been made supporting its health benefits as a metabolism booster. 

Organic Aloe Vera – Aloe has been shown in scientific studies to help support the digestive tract. 

Organic Guaraná Seed Extract – Full of compounds that energize the body, Guaraná has long been a popular ingredient in South America beverages.

EGCG – 100 mg of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) per serving has been added to this energizing formula.** EGCG is the strongest green tea catechin known to maximize metabolism support and provide you with even more antioxidant activity!

Organic Yerba Maté – Indigenous to South America, this herb has traditionally been brewed to combat fatigue.