Omega To Go 24ct Box


Vegetarian DHA, antioxidants, Vitamin C + fiber! Omega To Go® is a great tasting, vegetarian way to help you get Omega-3 fatty acids that you need every day to support optimal brain, eye and heart health. One packet of Omega To Go® is also high in antioxidants from natural Vitamins C, D, & E and is a good source of fiber!

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Omega To Go® gives you 100 mg of Vegetarian Omega 3s per packet in a delicious orange dreamsicle flavor! It’s also:

•All-Natural and Antioxidant Rich

•Packed with antioxidants from Vitamins A, C, D, and E

•Vitamin C from Organic Amla Fruit

•Good Source of Fiber for Healthy Digestion

•Low calorie with less than 1 g of sugar per packet

Omega To Go® contains life’sDHA™, one of the only vegetarian sources of DHA on the market today. Unlike oils derived from fish that may be high in ocean-borne contaminants, life’sDHA™ comes from eco-friendly, sustainable algae. Sound fishy? Fish actually get their high DHA content by eating algae. life’sDHA™ simply eliminates the ‘middle fish’!


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