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Ditch the blender! Love the idea of drinking a healthy smoothie but can’t seem to find the time to put it all together while trying to get out the door? Try Smoothie Complete®! Whether your goal is weight management, to build lean muscle, increase energy or to just eat better, Smoothie Complete® is your All-In-One Daily Essential with the protein and nutrients your body needs.

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Each delicious, dark chocolate flavored scoop of Smoothie Complete™  provides 15 grams rBGH free whey protein to help reduce cravings, increase energy and build lean muscle. We have also added 22 vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes and prebiotic fiber,Omega 3 essential fatty acids from vegetarian chia seed , and the antioxidant activity of one serving of fruit to make Smoothie Complete your All-In-One Daily Essential!

Taste the difference, feel the difference!


needs to go under guarantee (not working)- Smoothie Complete is made without gluten, GMOs, MSG and contains no artificial hormones, colors, flavors or sweeteners.


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