Smoothies & Drinks

Healthy To Go® Breakfast

2 cups Almond Milk

1 handful of frozen organic blackberries

1 packet of Go Greens®

1 packet of Smoothie Complete™

1 packet of Omega To Go®

2 T ground flax seed (optional)

Blend on high for 1 minute and ENJOY! It’s sooooo delicious! Serves 2.

Super Fruit ‘n Flax Smoothie

1 packet Go Greens®

1 packet Smoothie Complete™

1 banana

1 tbsp cold milled flax seed

1 handful of frozen organic blueberries

4-5 ice cubes

½ cup organic unfiltered apple juice

Toss into a blender and mix!  You can add any fruit you’d like. You can use frozen mangos or pineapple instead of the blueberries. Try a different juice… get creative!

Sweet Peach Weight loss Delight

1 packet of Trim Energy®

1 peach

4 oz aloe vera juice, chilled

1/2 cup plain regular yogurt, chilled

Mix altogether with 16 oz of water.  Consume as a meal replacement or a healthy, satisfying snack!

Do you have a great recipe?  Please email it to us at and we’ll post it!