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Packed with SuperFruit antioxidants, all-natural Acai Natural Energy Boost™ gives you a much-needed lift without the crash and extra calories!

  • Made with Acai (pronounced Ah-sah-ee) and other powerful SuperFruits, such as Grape, Apple, Pomegranate, and Mango.
  • All-natural energy boosters from teas and B vitamins
  • Antioxidant rich cocoa extract
  • Features Chromium, an essential mineral for blood sugar levels.
  • This combined with the naturally sweet Stevia Leaf, provides a sustained energy boost without the typical energy drink, “spike & crash”.

The Acai Palm grows in tropical Central and South America, mainly in the floodplains and wetlands. It produces a crop of berries twice per year. The fruit deteriorates rapidly after harvest so outside the tree’s growing region the fruit is generally only available as juice or fruit pulp. Acai Natural Energy Boost™ brings this antioxidant-rich fruit to you along with a delicious kick of energy! Get your energy the healthy way!


For best results, take a couple of sips from a 16.9 oz. bottle of water before adding 1 packet. Empty the contents into the bottle, shake well, and enjoy! One packet makes 2 servings. Use 1 to 2 times daily for optimal results.  FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

Acai Energy Boost 24ct Box

NOW WITH MORE ALL-NATURAL, SUPER FRUIT ENERGY! Acai Natural Energy Boost™ is antioxidant-rich, natural energy! Made with:  Acai & other powerful SuperFruits such as Organic Grape, Apple, Pomegranate, and Mango. All-natural energy boosters from teas & B vitamins and an antioxidant-rich dark chocolate extract! Also features Chromium, an essential mineral.



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Acai Energy is the only energy drink that has ever given me the real "boost" I need to make it through an eight hour shift @ Costco (where I was first introduced to it). The best part about it is that it also truly tastes really good. I've been drinking it for at least several years and still love the taste. Please don't ever stop making this lovely drink.

Two nights ago I decided not to use my Acai and did I ever lose out on my sleep. The hot flashes jumped right back and the first thing I told my husband the following morning was that I would never skip another day with my Acai supplement. I can't thank you enough for the relief that it gives me.

- Joan Landgrebe, Palmyra, NY

The energy drink and the new chews are great. Especially these chews...taste great and are good for when I'm not thirsty and could use a pick me up!

my 9 y.o. son is a good baseball player but he hit a whole new level in last night's game after chomping an Acai Energy. Three innings pitched, 8 strikeouts, no walks and hit a homerun! Honest, one of the other dads asked me, "What did you feed him for dinner?!"

It is easy to use and tastes good. We go to the health club 3 times a week to work out and have been putting Acai in our water bottles. We have both found that our stamina has been excellent and we do not seem to get sore after a good workout. We also went on a 4800 mile road trip in July and on those long driving days we used it to support our efforts. Again, we felt that it was effective in supporting our strength and energy needed to make a 600 mile day. We are both over 65 but rarely felt it. We even drove 18.5 hours the last day of a 21 day trip and suffered no consequences. We attribute much of this to the Acai.

- Michele Foy

I am very glad I purchased this product on the net but I really wish it was sold at the Costco branch I go to - Washington Blvd. in Culver City. Its a joy to chew, tastes good and better than taking the capsules. Please bring it to the branch level - we go every Saturday!

I've been a big fan of Go Greens and now you all have outdone yourselves again with Acai, The Natural Energy Boost! I've been buying other brands of acai berry and now have switched. It's important to remember that acai berry has 10X the antioxidant power of blueberries and that my friends is powerful, yet delicious.

- Bobby Rishworth, Lenexa, KS

I got the product today -- I'm totally sold! Go Greens is a fantastic product, I'm getting several friends boxes for Christmas. I don't think I've ever had a greens drink that I enjoyed!

I have another testimonial about the Acai Natural Energy Boost as well: 'Holy Moly!' What a pick-me-up!

- Ian Richer, Los Angeles, CA

  I LOVE these products!!! So I decided to include Healthy To Go drinks, Go Greens and Acai Natural Energy Boost into my new daily lifestyle. That change includes exercising at a Women’s Health Club and cutting back on my food intake dramaticaly, from three large meals a day (without vegetables!) to six smaller portions spread through out the day. I enjoy 4-5 Go Greens, Super Fruits and Veggies Plus and one Acai, Natural Energy Boost daily. I will not work out without first drinking both Go Greens and Acai Energy! These products give me added energy, providing a more effective workout session. They have also curbed my appetite for those items containing high sugars and carbs.

With this new lifestyle, I have lost 64 lbs! I weighed 367 lbs. and I was considering either the gastric bypass or lap band procedure. Before submitting to these invasive procedures, I wanted to give exercise and a healthy way of eating a chance. I am looking forward to more pounds coming off....

- Shelley L. McColley, Chico, CA

Amazing! You know this is a good product if Whole Foods Stores carry it. I absolutely love it!!!

- Pamela Freelain, Miami Gardens, FL

I was skeptical about the product at first, but I've been using it in my weight management regiment and it has works wonders, it easy to digest and I can feel an energy boost with no withdraws wich I realy like. Thank you for making this product available :)

- Malou Gibson, Oceanside, CA

I work twelve hour shifts at a medical facility, and I have tried [other energy drinks] and they make my heart beat too fast and take too long to wear off. With this product if I take it at six o'clock pm I haven't had a problem going to sleep when I get home in the mornings. I have taken the drink for three days. I gave some to my daughter she said she has a great deal more energy when she goes to the gym to do her work out.

- Barbara Witherspoon

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am doing with the weight loss.... I have lost a total of 103 pounds. I started out at 367 lbs, currently I am 264 lbs. in less than 9 months. Wow this Go Greens is really helping me with the carbs and sugar cravings, I no longer desire cakes, cookies and breads. I look forward to more pounds coming off!

I can hardly wait to try the new product Extreme Berries™. I love the combination of 2 Acai's and 1 Go Greens in 25 oz. of water. It tastes really good with my breakfast. I will not work out at Curves without drinking 2 of my Go Greens.

- Shelley L. McColley, Corning, CA

Finally a drink that does't contain artifical sweeteners or high fructose sugar. It's so hard to find anything without sweeteners. I have a medical condition wear I can't have artifical sweeneners and I don't want the sugar. This is really a great product. I waited so long for something with taste and not just water. You can have a cold drink without drinking coffee, on a hot day. This is just great and it tastes good too.

- Dawn White

I just wanted to let you know that your product, Acai, helped me fight off an oncoming cold. I started to feel a cold coming on over the weekend. I took some Acai (which I LOVE!!) on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, my "pre-cold" symptoms were gone and I felt back to normal. The cold never did materialize & I'm pretty sure I fought it off with the Acai Natural Energy Boost. Great product!!

- Geneva Oseguera, San Diego, CA

I love this stuff. I am a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan and everyone who tries them loves these chews. They are the perfect little snack when you need a little pick me up during a hard day.

I have been drinking To Go Brands “Acai Natural Energy Boost” in a bottle of water for only 10 days now and I haven't had a "hot flash" in 4 days ---- it's wonderful. If you are ever looking for someone who would be willing to do a trial for you --- I am your gal. Thank you so very much!

- Joan Landgrebe, Palmyra, NY

I've used this product for several years now, after I saw it promoted at oour local Costco in Glendale, AZ. Sadly, they've ceased stocking it! What can you do about geting it back on their shelves? I've used at least two packets a day. It's become my daily supplement to combat needed fluid replacement in the desert sun!