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Good digestion can change your life!
You may already know how important it is to maintain a healthy balance of the good bacteria that naturally reside in your digestive system. But you might not realize the extent to which this balance changes with age and is affected by diet, the environment, hormonal changes, and your stress level. An imbalance can lead to uncomfortable digestive issues, including slow intestinal movement.

Poor digestion and intestinal problems are a source of daily discomfort for a large proportion of the population and the physical and physiological consequences on the quality of life should not be underestimated. Bloating, heaviness, difficult and painful elimination are all troublesome symptoms when they become chronic.

Healthy Digestion = A Healthy Body!
Probiotic literally means “for life.” Probiotics are live “friendly” bacteria that are beneficial when consumed daily for maintaining digestive balance. For hundreds of years dairy foods containing live cultures have been touted as having beneficial digestive and intestinal properties. Now increasing numbers of health-conscious people are seeking more convenient ways to add the benefits of probiotics to their diets. That’s why we’ve created Healthy Belly® Probiotic Mix! Each packet contains 20 billion live natural probiotic cultures plus fiber that can help regulate your digestive system.

All of the strains in Healthy Belly® Probiotic Mix have been lypholized (freeze dried) to preserve the integrity of the strains as it moves down into the lower intestines.


Empty the contents of 1 packet into your favorite cereal, yogurt, fruit, or any other favorite food or beverage. MIX AND ENJOY!

Healthy Belly - Probiotic Digestive Mix

Healthy digestion can be the most difficult to achieve while your on the go. Healthy Belly® Probiotic Drink Mix contains 20 billion live probiotic cultures and does not need to be refrigerated. It's the convenient way to support your digestive health with soothing probiotics wherever your hectic schedule takes you. Keep them in your travel bag, your purse or briefcase, your desk or the car and simply pour into your favorite cereal, yogurt, fruit, or any other favorite food or beverage for a delicious way to do something good for your body.



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Just tried my first box of healthy belly and it really worked, I feel so much better now that my stomach is happy.

WOW! I Love Healthy Belly. I put it in my smoothie every morning for breakfast, it gives it a yummy taste with all of my fruits and Almond Milk. I have tried it in my cereal it was delicious in it as well. I have told all of my sisters about Healthy Belly. I have told my sons about it too. Thank you, Healthy Belly To Go! I will purchase your product.