Nutritional Info

Omega To Go® gives you 100 mg of  Vegetarian Omega 3s per packet in a delicious orange dreamsicle flavor!  It’s also:

  • All-Natural and Antioxidant Rich
    • Packed with antioxidants from Vitamins A, C, E, and D
    • Vitamin C from Organic Amla Fruit
  • Good Source of Fiber for Healthy Digestion
  • Low calorie with less than 1 g of sugar per packet

 Omega To Go® contains life’sDHA™, one of the only vegetarian sources of DHA on the market today.  Unlike oils derived from fish that may be high in ocean-borne contaminants, life’sDHA™ comes from eco-friendly, sustainable algae.  Sound fishy?  Fish actually get their high DHA content by eating algae.  life’sDHA™ simply eliminates the ‘middle fish’!


For best results, take a couple of sips from a 16.9 oz. bottle of water before adding 1 packet.  Empty the contents into the bottle, shake well, and enjoy!  One packet makes 2 servings.  Use 1 to 2 times daily for optimal results.   FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!


Omega To Go 24ct Box

Vegetarian DHA, antioxidants, Vitamin C + fiber! Omega To Go® is a great tasting, vegetarian way to help you get Omega-3 fatty acids that you need every day to support optimal brain, eye and heart health. One packet of Omega To Go® is also high in antioxidants from natural Vitamins C, E, & D and is a good source of fiber! For the busy family.



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I loved it! It tasted wonderful and made me feel great! Thank you sooo much.

I love everything about this product, especially that it is made with natural sweeteners. As a nursing mom, I am always trying to increase my intake of DHA for my little one. I also select organic products which contain DHA for him, too. So, when I saw this I was THRILLED...I could not wait to try it. I even read over the ingredients before taking it and I didn't see any artificial sugar....and I thought I had truly found THE perfect product. I am avoiding all artifical sugars while I am nursing and if I were to become pregnant again. This product is absolutely perfect for pregnant or nursing moms looking for DHA!

Omega 3's are not easy to get if vegetarian or not into taking giant fish oil-filled gelatin caps. This is one totally delicious alternative! One of my favorites!

This is a great way to get all of the vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 that are included as well another source of water. -Betty D.

I love this drink. My son, age 10, loves it too. We drink it every day. I add a tablespoon of frozen OJ concentrate to his. We are both vegetarians and felt so relaxed after drinking it that I realized we were definitely in need of our omegao 3's!

I LOVE this product! I do not like to drink regular water, and I find the flavor of Omega to Go very appealing! Plus, several months ago I started to lose my hair for unknown reasons. I had several tests done, but we still don't know why? When I started drinking my Omega to Go, my hair loss slowed down- and my hair is looking healthy again! Not sure if it is just a coincidence, but I figure it can't hurt!

If you are a vegetarian this is it- a must have - wonderful product. thanks!!

LOVE this product! It tastes like Kool-Aid... seriously, it's that delicious... I read the box over and over, trying to find the "bad" thing in it that made it taste so good, and COULDN'T FIND IT... Amazing product! Keep it comin'! :)

my 2 yr old nephew loved this as much as i did. i would recommend giving this to younger kids who dont like water and can not have the sugary drinks most parents give there kids. my nephew has diabetes and this was something he loved and can drink regularly.

This DOES taste like a creamsicle as promised! Helped the whole family drink more water - I have found the perfect product with NO artificial sweeteners or chemicals, additives! THANK YOU!!! Now can you just get it into Canadian stores please!!!

I have tried all the products and Omega is one of my favorites. The taste is fantastic!!