Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

You already know that it’s important to eat healthy and natural foods. Eating right is an important part of a healthy diet plan, but unfortunately nutrition is not a level playing field. Most of the food advertising we see urges us to unhealthy processed foods. Overconsumption of fat, sugar, and salt, as well as artificial chemical additives, is rampant in the average American diet, causing obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and a variety of other health issues.

The choice is yours when it comes to healthy eating. Here are some easy ways to eat healthy.

Choose Slow Food, Not Fast

Although some fast food restaurants are starting to offer healthier options, drive-throughs aren’t known for promoting healthy lifestyles or weight management. It’s not even healthy for your wallet – believe it or not, fast food isn’t as cheap as it looks. By weight and portion size, most fast food prices are comparable to the markups at sit-down restaurants.

It’s much easier to make healthy food choices when you cook and eat at home. For one thing, you know exactly what’s going into your food – there are no hidden sugar surprises or chemical additives. It’s also easier to eat an appropriate portion size when you’re the one doing the serving. You can make sure that you and your family are eating enough of the right stuff, including:

1.Whole grains, nuts, and beans

2.Vegetables and fruits (locally grown is ideal)

3.Reduced fat dairy products

4.Antioxidant rich “super foods”

5.Lean protein

Keep It Simple

In the last few years, our diets have come to rely heavily on packaged, processed foods. Heavily processed foods not only retain very little of the nutritional value of their original ingredients, they also contain additives and artificial dyes, which are in no way nutritious. Some research has even found links between depression and diets that are high in fat and processed foods. If the list of ingredients is long and mostly unpronounceable, why eat it?

School Lunches

Does your child’s school have vending machines, and if so, what’s in them? Junky snacks or healthy ones? Get involved, and make sure your child is able to make healthy food choices at school with healthy and fun options in their lunch box like VitaRocks. Many schools now have organic gardening programs – it’s revelatory and empowering when a child realizes the rewards of being able to grow and then enjoy food.

Take charge of your eating by cooking at home and skipping the fast food this week, sticking with foods that have a short list of pronounceable ingredients you’ve heard of, and ensuring that your children know the importance and benefits of natural foods. When you develop good eating habits now, you’ll reap the healthy rewards for life.

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