What Are The Benefits of Acai?

Acai is more popular than milk in South America, and is one of the top ten foods that can help you look and feel younger. But what exactly are the benefits of acai?

Although it just recently gained popularity in the United States, Acai has been around for centuries. Acai is purple berry native to the Amazon rainforest. Acai is found on large palm trees and grows in bunches similar to bananas.

What is so different about the Acai berry is that you don’t actually eat it as you would a blueberry. Instead, the berry is harvested and the pulp is extracted. The Acai berry had been used by Amazon tribes to treat everything from digestive problems to skin irritation.

So why should I use Acai?

Acai is powerful super fruit that contains more antioxidants than blueberries. These antioxidants have been proven through lab tests to stop free radical damage, which have been shown to lead to health conditions such heart disease and cancer. These free radicals also speed up the aging process by damaging our cells.

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a great way to measure the total antioxidants in foods. Acai Energy Boost™ has an ORAC of 5,000. One serving of broccoli has just 700. Acai Energy Boost™ is also naturally low in sugar so it is safe for people with diabetes.

Sweetened with stevia leaf and under 12 calories a serving, Acai Energy Boost™ is a healthy alternative to typical sugar filled, high calorie energy drinks. Acai  Energy Boost™ contains real Acai pulp that you can see and taste when added to you water. This way you know the flavor is all natural from the fruit, not artificial!

With high levels of antioxidants, B vitamins, green tea, Yerba Maté, Guaraná and even antioxidant-rich dark chocolate extract, Acai Energy Boost™ will give you the energy and health benefits that last longer than the crash and burn of other energy drinks.


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Health Benefits of Acai, the Number One Superfruit

Acai is powerful super fruit that contains more antioxidants than blueberries. Acai is purple berry native to the Amazon rainforest. Acai is found on large palm trees and grows in bunches similar to bananas.

The health benefits of acai berry include monounsaturated oleic acid, dietary fiber, and phytosterolstops. Acai tops just about everyone’s superfruit list, including Oprah and Dr. Oz, who are among acai’s notable supporters.

Healthy To Go explains more about this unique food here on our blog.

What are Super Foods- Top 5 SuperFoods List

Antioxidant rich foods are often referred to as “super foods,” a label that has been frequently used by healthy eating proponents like Oprah and Dr. Oz as well as nutritionists and food brands. A top 5 SuperFoods list would vary, depending on who you’re asking, but here are some that many authorities agree are very beneficial.

1. Red Wine

Let’s start with a fun one! We’ve known for a while about the benefit of drinking red wine, but only recently have we been able to pinpoint that it originates in the grape skin. Grape skin is high in resveratrol, an antibody grapes produce when fighting disease or injury. The most effective way of absorbing resveratrol is directly through the blood vessels in the mouth, a lucky coincidence since many wine-drinkers swish it in their mouths before swallowing. Resveratrol helps to repair cells and stop the oxidation process initiated by free radicals. It also helps you to think better!

2. Acai Berries

These dark reddish-purple berries are produced by a palm tree native to the Amazon, and the health benefits of acai are numerous. Their pulp contains an astonishingly high concentration of antioxidants, as well as fiber, amino acids, minerals, and Oleic acid, which works with Omega-3, which has a nourishing and regenerative effect on cells.

3. Avocado

Guacamole, anyone? Avocado is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, full of fiber, folate, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E. They’re also rich in mono-unsaturated oil, a “healthy fat”. A diet that includes avocado can decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol.

4. Barley

It’s a good source of Niacin, a B vitamin – another antioxidant that helps to prevent cellular damage from free radicals and lowers cholesterol – as well as selenium, tryptophan, copper, manganese and phosphorus. Although it contains gluten, it can be digested far more easily than wheat.

5. Walnuts

Amazingly, eating a handful of walnuts a day will reduce the chances of a heart attack by at least 15% and as much as 51%! It’s a high-fat food, but it’s the good kind of fat, with high levels of Omega-3’s, vitamin E and A, magnesium, copper, biotin, folate, and potassium, not to mention fiber. And if you satisfy your fat craving with a healthy fat, you won’t be as tempted to hit the drive-through for a dose of the bad stuff.

Our modern lifestyles subject us to stresses and environmental toxins undreamed of by our ancestors, but fortunately, help is available in the form of these natural SuperFoods.